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The Game Changer

One big part of our agenda is the “Frictionless-Platform”: An auction house-like market place for frictionless wallet to wallet token swaps (Switches) with no price impact.
This will be a game-changer for crypto as it aims to reduce the damage bad whales can do! I will attach an infographic that explains it better. Also, it will help low and mid mc teams to change their marketing budget to BNB or another BEP20 coin without having to sell it on the market and thus dump the price of their own coin.

The Problem

Depicted here we have one of cryptos nightmares, a huge dump of coins after a nice climb.
The former positive momentum changes instantly to a panic sell-off that can destroy low mc coins or stagnate mid mc coins.

Communities and developers will suffer alike when their shared work will vanishes before their eyes.


The Solution

In comes our solution “Frictionless”, the first auction house-like market place in crypto. Whales or project marketing wallets have a chance to switch their stash to another token for a negotiated amount. Through this price, floors are being held and growth can continue uninterrupted. Investors get reassurance and continue to support the projects.

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